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Founded in 2020, Dr KF Histopathology is an independently-owned pathology laboratory providing superior services in routine surgical pathology, frozen section pathology and cytology. We focus on brisk turn-around times (TAT’s) and quality reporting, and provide a clinician- and patient-centred service. Our ethos is built on close communication between the pathologist and clinician, with on-site services being a cornerstone of our offering.

Located at the Village Medical Centre in Parktown North since 2021, Dr KF Histopathology has grown into an 8-person team with on-site laboratory.


"She was awarded the University Gold Medal in Medicine for the most distinguished MBChB student graduating with honours"

Dr Kirstin Janine Fearnhead (neé Coetzee) completed undergraduate training at the University of Cape Town, and graduated in 2004 with first-class honours, having achieved distinction in the pre-clinical, clinical and final clinical examinations.

She was awarded the Will-Frid Exner Baumann Memorial medal for the best results in final year Medicine (including Paediatric Medicine), the University Gold Medal in Medicine for the most distinguished MBChB student graduating with honours, the Jack Prisman Prize for the best final year MBChB student and the Barnard Fuller Prize for the best student qualifying for MBChB with first-class honours.

She also held the Moffat Memorial Prize in 2003 for a student who has shown excellence in Surgery and an interest in the humanities (MBChB V), the Welch Allyn SA Ltd Prize for the student obtaining the highest marks in the final Otorhinolaryngology exam (MBChB V) the Chemical Pathology Class Medal (MBChB III), the BJ Ryrie Book Prize for Anatomical Pathology (MBChB III), and the Health and Society Class Medal (MBChB I).

Her interest in anatomical pathology was sparked by a 5th year elective at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, USA, and has grown into a lifelong passion.

Pathology training

Following internship and Community Service in Johannesburg,
Dr Fearnhead completed her fellowship training in the University
of the Witwatersrand Department of Anatomical Pathology,
obtaining her FCPath in May 2013 and her MMed in 2015.

During her work in the department as a junior pathologist she fostered ties with the Helen Joseph breast unit, honing her skills in breast pathology. Her attendance of the Placental Pathology for Africa course also sparked a love of placental and foetal/neonatal pathology.


In private practice since May 2018, Dr Fearnhead has broad capabilities as a general pathologist with particular active interests in dermatopathology, breast, placental and gastrointestinal/hepatobiliary pathology. She is a member of the Breast Wellness, Morningside Head and Neck Forum and Sandton Mediclinic Multidisciplinary teams. She spends her days doing frozen sections, with an emphasis on skin cancer and breast excisions, and in the laboratory grossing and reporting specimens. She prides herself in a close working relationship with the dedicated team of clinicians she serves. She is a perfectionist, passionate about service delivery and patient-centred results directing surgical and oncological treatment decisions. Staying up to date with developments in cancer diagnostics and terminology is paramount to her, and her continuing professional development includes participating in online courses and seminars and perusing the latest WHO tumour classifications as they are released.